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"Diamonds are a girl 's best friend, (Diamonds are a girl's best friend.)" eternal legend Marilyn Monroe dia in stereo sound sang, I look to buy their own small hand carefully type diamond ring: alas, that was a little friend! In "lust, caution", a thought of ang lee's film "the pigeon egg", that is the "best" friend?


Women love their delicate petite and woman than big only bust size, eye pupil diameter, and the number of diamond carat on her finger. The so-called big, relative value, of course. That is to say than to know Mrs Wang, li eldest sister-in-law, Judy,Nancyon the big, or from theHollywoodstar husband and don't know about. Like the husband still reluctant to buy for his wife in the movie "the pigeon egg", while other people's husband, has bought a wife want to be less than the things for me. That implies that I am worth than any wife! So moved by the heroine, and thought the dream "the pigeon eggs" have the woman's favor, the naked man that never give heart. For this "the pigeon eggs," spy betrayed the organization, the enemy with an open hand, but forfeits himself and the lives of many comrades. For women, perhaps a lifetime if can get such a diamond, in order to reflect the level of their colourful crown qunfang, that is a big victory in life. Anyway, if not the love, the soul of a hole with side false people, what is the meaning? Zhang ailing's "love of city", to let the heroine to get a love still have to wage a war, the color, the ring "just do it, just a diamond in the power of the diamond.


But light is big enough, the number of carat diamond like women appearance of excellent congenital conditions. If thank god was kind to generate a peach bloom, have the nature of the inspection from cultivate personality, it is like a test of diamond clarity. Clarity, and carat is superior, it can be choosy about its color, this is equivalent to a woman's knowledge and intelligence, white color is not enough, on a higher level of mesa. If the three shut all qualified, finally by eye artisans Turner. Women also like diamonds, if less this for and adornment, can't let the people enjoy the ultimate beauty of her. To evaluate the 4 c diamond (Carat, Clarity, see Colour, cut) to judge the level of women, to have the same effect.


Although the sword with hero, diamondyaobeauty. If you can't afford to buy the beauty of 4 c, that beauty is not equal to 4 c. Women are sometimes carried away by love, only to open ears listen sweet lies. But hard to open the blind eyes. So, when you can't afford to buy a big diamond than others to a woman, not to send her some money can't buy love tokens!!!! For example, often in the movies to see easy open cans TAB, glass beer bottle, flower plait or paper lantern ring, etc., as long as the sincerity and equally well for her to wear on your fingers, the mouth does not forget to say a lifetime can cash commitment, so she will follow your grizzled troubadour.


But please remember, love potions are not permanent. When efficacy gradually faded, and the donkey did not try to conjure up some human beings, to the love of a woman will awaken blindly, will eventually see through in a scam. When a woman will remember her best friend, remember it's easy to carry, easy to sell, universal, price value, hard does not go bad, enduring etc. Advantage, then run away four sisters with diamond or divorce conditions require only a few big diamond stories are coming from. When the separation of property, house, car, deposit, stock, insurance, fund, involves a transfer or transfer formalities, to completed these procedures, you must stand and bitter moment face to face, even hire a lawyer or a friend who handles, consent is on the other hand, after a tiresome process can't settle. Therefore, withstand the test of a good friend is a woman the most wise choice! Even if love is a dream has been broken, crying like a pigeon eggs so swollen eyes, at least in diamond. Can also bring it to redesign Mosaic, dazzling beauty will light up a brand new life. With such a good friend, who is willing to be her good friend!

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